First Month Report on Our Paleo Lifestyle…

To support my first month report on our paleo lifestyle, let me start with a personal sea story:

In August, while at a business breakfast buffet, I overheard a “big guy,” about my age, talking about his wife and her weight issues and how she was starting yet another diet.  He went on and on about how she was always trying some new eating plan, but no matter what she tried, he absolutely refused to eat any “mail box” meals.  He said he did not care what she ate as long as she cooked his food.

I relate this story because, after one month living and eating a paleo lifestyle, I now know the true reason Tracy and I are having success in changing our eating habits, losing weight, and feeling many times healthier.  That reason is…Tracy and I are doing it together!

The guy in my sea story obviously believed (as he piled 6 pancakes on his plate) that his wife’s weight and health were her own problem.  He clearly did not believe he had any personal issues and that if his wife would just get her weight under control things would be better.  He had no concept that his habits and attitudes were negatively affecting his wife’s success.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will never succeed, because he will never encourage or help her in any way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the true secret to a successful paleo health and wellness journey is — your spouse sitting across the table. Gentlemen, please, look at your wife and ask her honestly, and with conviction, for her support and partnership as you start your journey, together.  I can tell you, that is exactly what I did on Wednesday, September 26 at 2:30PM.  I clearly remember the conversation, as it was ten minutes after I got off the phone from being notified that I would be laid off in 60 days.

Tracy and I had been talking around and about changing our lifestyle for months and had even taken many steps that way.  We had even toyed with the idea of doing something like a “one year to wellness” journey.  However, it was just talk and not much movement towards a commitment.  But it was in those ten minutes between the call and sitting down with Tracy that God showed me that with tremendous adversity comes tremendous opportunity.  So, after 26 years of naval service and three and a half years of government contracting, I took a moment and prayed at my desk and then walked into the kitchen to find Tracy.  We sat down at the formal dining room table, I looked at her and asked her this simple question; “We are partners, aren’t we?”  Our commitment to each other and to begin a new paleo lifestyle, to get ourselves healthy and well for whatever God has for us next, was born in that conversation.  Since that day, we have encouraged each other, supported each other, shared the cooking/cleaning responsibilities, and set realistic short and long-term goals together.  We have truly begun to rediscover and recover our youth together.

So, has our partnership and our change to a paleo lifestyle paid off?

  1. Yes, together, we are in the best place we have been in years.
  2. Yes, together, we shop for, prepare, and eat healthy natural and organic foods.
  3. Yes, together, we go to the fitness center, three times a week, and feel stronger and fitter every visit.
  4. Yes, together, we are sleeping 7-8 hours a night and waking up refreshed and full of energy.
  5. Roy stats:  down 12 pounds and 8.25 inches
  6. Tracy stats: down 7 pounds and 6.75 inches
  7. Finally, judge for yourselves; here are the photos from our first month.
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