Roy Reached his Paleo Lifestyle Birthday Goal

Roy reached his paleo lifestyle birthday goal, this week!

Yesterday, I turned 56 years old.  And I can tell you after four months of my wellness journey with Tracy, I have never felt better.  We have been eating paleo (since 1 November), going to the gym 2-3 times a week for strength training (since mid-December), and doing basic yoga classes 2-3 times a week (since mid-January) and we are both feeling better than we have in years.

The goal I set for myself, in November 2013, was to lose 25 pounds and to be healthier by my March 2014 birthday.  As you can see in the pictures below, I reached my weight loss goal on 21 February and I have maintained that loss.  BUT, even more important than the weight loss, is that I have totally remade my body, in four short months. Reasons:  (1)  the gym weight machine workouts have GREATLY improved my overall strength, (2) the basic yoga classes have TREMENDOUSLY improved my overall flexibility, (3) eating a healthy paleo diet has TOTALLY reduced the inflammation in my body.

Someone asked me the other day to put a number on how I feel.  I told them I feel as healthy today as I did at age 36.  If they had asked me that question four months ago, I would have told them that I really felt old and like I was about to celebrate my 66th or 76th birthday, not coming up on my 56th.

The best thing about this whole journey, and the real reason I give for all my success; is that Tracy and I are truly partners and doing this together.  I give our teamwork all the credit.  Now, that I have reached and maintained my birthday goal, I wanted to post and share these three pictures that document my progress.  (Tracy’s birthday is in May, so she will post about her success later.)

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