A Paleo Thanksgiving Feast (Part II)

Hi, I’m Lea Hanna, the older daughter.  I just got married this summer and my husband is training to be a Supply Officer in the Navy.  We currently live in Newport, Rhode Island.

From my mom’s earlier post, I’m sure you all know, the Bertram house will be having delicious Braised Short Ribs for Thanksgiving dinner. However, nearly 1500 miles away at the Dickens house, I will be making a Paleo version of the turkey recipe my mom and I have cooked together for years.  This recipe for Apple-Bourbon Turkey and Gravy is our absolute favorite!  Some people love pumpkin flavored foods in the fall, but I’m all about the apple and this recipe brings all the fall goodness of fresh apples, crisp air and good-for-the-soul comfort food together in one amazing centerpiece to your Thanksgiving feast (it’s so good you just might have to make it again for Christmas!).  My husband asked specifically for this turkey and has raved about it to his Navy buddies, four of whom will be joining us Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner.

Note: There is an option with this turkey to marinade it for 12-24 hours prior to cooking.  I usually marinade and chill the turkey the night before and take it out for cooking about 9:30-10:00 Thanksgiving morning, which is usually right around 12 hours of marinating time.  You can do more.  You can do less.  You don’t have to do that step at all.  I think we’ve tried it with and without in previous years and both worked well.

This turkey is as easy as pie…actually easier!  (No worrying about the crust burning or the filling spilling over into the oven with this recipe!)

Now, what would turkey and gravy be with out the dressing?!  I have found three Paleo dressing recipes that I think would pair wonderfully with the Apple-Bourbon Turkey:

  • Grain Free Thanksgiving Stuffing (from the blog, Deliciously Organic – a fellow military wife and she has 14 other incredibly delicious looking Thanksgiving side dishes that are Paleo-approved!)
  • Cornbread Stuffing (from the blog, A Girl Worth Saving – looks delicious with it’s unique ingredients – i.e. jicama!)
  • Paleo Stuffing (from the blog, Paleo Comfort Foods – instead of cornbread or something similar, this recipe uses ground pork)

In the words of my culinary idol Julia Childs, “Bon appétit!” and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Mom and I experimented for years with Turkey recipes, until we found this one from the November 2011 issue of Southern Living magazine and made it our own. Now I have adapted it to be Paleo-friendly.




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